Trans-Health and Well being

we strive to cater to the Health and well being of Transgender persons in Namibia by providing information and access to techniques and methods to Health care- Hormone Replacement therapy,Transitioning, Sexual Reproductive Health and rights


We use different forms of communication, Dialoquing and engaging to raise awareness,share information and educate people on Trans issues,it takes forms in various media platforms,social networks and workshops to visibilise and raise the consciousness of society.

Psycho-social and Spiritual Support

We belief as transgender people we are human and we go through a lot and we need psycho-social and spiritual support which includes Mental Health, counselling, education ,Support groups and other services.

Law Reform and Gender Recognition

It’s vital that policies remove the requirements for medical evidence and an intrusive psychological processes , and finally allow all trans people to have their gender legally recognized and all their documentation changed through a simple administrative process and by self-determination.

Project Transcend

Is a Sustainability project aiming to create employment for the many transgender people who were never able to complete their education due to bullying or discrimination within the schools,tertiary education sector and the employment sector.Resulting in a meaningful mission and enjoy rewarding and challenging careers.