Wings to Transcend Namibia is a Namibian Transgender rights Organisation founded in October 2015  ,advocating and Lobbying for equal rights of transgender citizens . the organisation strives for proper access to services for Transgender persons in Namibia and respect for human dignity regardless of gender identity or expression by Eradicating Transphobia,stigma, discrimination and violence against transgender people in the republic of Namibia.


Wings To Transcend Namibia will be a champion and pioneer that works for social reform, legal gender recognition, and medical justice, through leadership development and empowering of transgender individuals and communities, while lobbying local government, civil society and policy makers in national and international spheres about the needs of the Transgender community in Namibia.


Wings To Transcend Namibia envisions a Namibian society where transgender individuals can access any services without fear of stigma and discrimination, and can build a healthy, empowered, and capacitated Transgender community within a society where transgender individuals can freely express their innate Gender Identities in the Republic of Namibia.

WTTN Board Members


Board Treasurer and Communications & Advocacy Officer

Teddy Kandjou is a 32-year-old transman from Namibia.  He was born in the eastern part of Namibia and raised by a single mother.  He attended Augustineum High and graduated in 2003, he went on to complete a diploma in PC Engineering at IIT. He Worked for ORN for about a year as an RCC, served on the board of WTTN since inception….  Now he is a communications and Advocacy volunteer for the organization. He is passionate about his work and always goes the extra mile.  In his free time, he loves taking long walks and watching movies. Reading is also one of his passions. He has a humble heart and is very caring towards his peers.


Board Secretary

Celine Eises Nuuyoma-Watson is a single 35-year-old, who identifies as a transgender woman. Originally from Okahandja, Celine has been a champion LGBTIQ+ activist specialising in the mental wellness programming. She is a trained counsellor, and is a mentor to many of the transgender, gender & sexually diverse community of Namibia. Her passion to serve the community led her to study for a Diploma in Social Sciences and Counselling which she says she will complete soon, and she hopes to put her newly acquired skills and knowledge to good use in her daily work.

Celine is very open with gender identity and expression and was for this reason, amongst others, one of the brave Namibian’s who early this year took part in the #LoveYourSelfCampaign2018 hosted by #LatifahQueen. This year’s Love Yourself Campaign featured #LGBTI Namibians in

a series of photographs aimed at creating awareness, acceptance and positive body images & visibility of #Queer Namibians.

Celine is a spiritually grounded woman who believes that God is preparing the right partner for her somewhere out in the world but she

is quick to add that: “for that I am not rushing”. 

Celine works hard to make sure the world becomes a little better each day. She says: “I am a #WomanWithABeard #NonBinary and a #TransFeminist”. 

Trans women have been the most visible individuals and at the centre of LGBTIQ+ right across the world, like the Marsha P. Johnsons of this world. 

Yes, You Go Celine!! We at #QueerVisuals couldn’t be more proud of you and your valuable contribution to the overall campaign for acceptance of all LGBTIQ+ bodies! #JulieArt #BodyPositiveNamibia


Board PRO

Ziggy Eixas is a 26-year-old transwoman from Namibia. She is born in the Capital City of Namibia, Windhoek raised by her aunt. She attended Concordia College where she graduated in 2011 and went on to IUM to pursue a Degree of humanities in HIV/AIDS management. She worked for SFH as an case worker and served on the WTTN board since its inception. now is a volunteer for the organization in all spectrums. She is extremely passionate about advocating for human rights and brings this as an important skill to the governance structure of the organization. In her free time, she likes going to the spa, visiting the hair salon, shopping and travelling. Public speaking is also one of her passion therefore she would like to broaden her horizons in PR or communications in the near future. She has high levels of empathy and sympathy and strongly believes in humanity.

Edwina Daniels

Board Chair

Edwin Ralph Daniels (37) is employed as an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Namibia. He is certified health professional with the following qualifications.

National Diploma Radiography (Diagnostic) (Cum Laude) -2003 – UNAM

Bachelors of Technology Radiography Diagnostic – 2008 –NMMU

Certificate in Audiometry – 2007 (TUT)

Certificate in Spirometry – 2007 (TUT)

He is currently registered for a postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education at the University of Namibia as well as a Master’s of Science in Radiography at CPUT that is expected to be completed in 2019.

He holds the following memberships and professional portfolios:

Radiographers Association of Namibia – Secretary

Health Professionals Council of Namibia – Registered member

Inspector for Health professions Council – Accreditation of training Facilities

Evaluator for Health Professions Council – Registration of Foreign Qualified Radiographers

He served on various professional committees as well as Boards that works with the key population and deals with human rights and LGTBI and transgender people. Edwin believes that “his aim at WTTN is to protect and advance the interest of Transgender in Namibia.”” “We play a huge role in fostering and enhancing the quality of life of Trans people,” he says.



Ellen E.H Gariseb well known as judy judine gariseb,born male, identify as (GNC) gender non-conforming age 27,born and raise in namibia, she is a pre-schoolteacher(principal),likes working with children and is passion over her/his community.. She serve on the board of wttn as an additional member.


Vice Chair

Aio is a 30 year old Damara transman hailing from Walvis bay. A police officer. His passion is helping people and defending human rights and advocating human rights. He is an  investigating officer and since  he joined the police  he become more interested in forensics. Which is what he will be doing next year.  He loves solving issues of common concern and spreading love and positive vibes.