Wings to Transcend Namibia is a Namibian Transgender rights Organisation founded in October 2015  ,advocating and Lobbying for equal rights of transgender citizens . the organisation strives for proper access to services for Transgender persons in Namibia and respect for human dignity regardless of gender identity or expression by Eradicating Transphobia,stigma, discrimination and violence against transgender people in the republic of Namibia.


Wings To Transcend Namibia will be a champion and pioneer that works for social reform, legal gender recognition, and medical justice, through leadership development and empowering of transgender individuals and communities, while lobbying local government, civil society and policy makers in national and international spheres about the needs of the Transgender community in Namibia.


Wings To Transcend Namibia envisions a Namibian society where transgender individuals can access any services without fear of stigma and discrimination, and can build a healthy, empowered, and capacitated Transgender community within a society where transgender individuals can freely express their innate Gender Identities in the Republic of Namibia.